My Bookmarks

Unlike my Seven Wonders of the Web, this is not meant to be particularly useful to anyone but me. My list of bookmarks got out of control and I couldn't keep various computers synchronized, so I made this.

The formatting isn't yet what I have in mind, but it's useable. It doesn't look quite as it's supposed to on Internet Explorer, but I mostly use Opera and Firefox (which are more standards-compliant and don't have the security bugs that plague IE) so I can't be bothered fixing it. Like I said, my main audience for this is me.

Also note that many of these links are likely to be broken. I haven't done a thorough check in quite some time. I do update or remove anything that I find is broken.

Fun Stuff


Sports, Computer Games, RPGs


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Geek Stuff

Information Gathering

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Web Development

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Application Development

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